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who are financial moves?

  • Financial Moves are a group of Independent Financial Advisers and whole of market Mortgage Brokers with over 40 years collective professional experience.

  • Our tailored personal service helps clients with their ever changing financial needs.

  • We empower clients to make their own financial decisions.

  • Our Independent Financial Advisers provide trustworthy and confidential advice.

  • The advice provided is unbiased and Whole of Market. 

  • Financial Moves provide clients with a "One Stop Shop' for all of their financial needs.

  • Whole of market research tools are used to find competitive and appropriate solutions.

  • We pre-empt issues to reduce the stressful mortgage process.

  • Our lives change, and therefore Financial Moves offer an initial FREE FINANCIAL REVIEW.



Rowena chowdrey

Clients should be entitled to honest  and transparent advice that they fully understand: jargon-free and flexible in order to remain relevant as clients' 'travel' through The Circle of Life.

I am a qualified member of The Equity Release Council because we live in an increasingly ageing society. The elderly may be asset-rich yet cash-poor, requiring advice on increasing their retirement income or how to pay for Home Help/Residential Care. I am an appropriately qualified Retirement Lending Expert.  Further details can be found at the following website link:

I am proud to be a long-standing female Financial Adviser and advise on the following matters:

  • Mortgages, Second Charges, Buy-To-Lets & Let-To-Buys and Equity Release
  • Pension Planning and Annuities
  • Personal and Corporate protection
  • Regular Savings and Lump Sum Investments
  • School fee and University Fee Planning
  • Lifetime Care
  • Inheritance Tax Planning



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If you are thinking about money, pensions, savings and investments and say too difficult  i will do it later:

CALL as the  best way to take away the difficulty is to talk to a qualified advisor.

If you are concerned about retirement, I can help identify your options.

If you wish to protect your family I can give you Ideas.

If you wish to protect your income I can Help.

If you are considering a mortgage, I can help you track down the right one for your circumstances.

If you have not had a financial review for the last couple of years, I can take you through the key things to consider so that your financial arrangements are up to date for your circumstances.

I want to make financial sercvices work for you.

Our qualifications

Both Michael and Rowena are Independent Financial Advisers and Mortgage Brokers, able to provide Whole Of Market Advice on mortgages and other financial products.

Rowena is qualified to advise on Equity Release ( Lifetime Mortgages ) and Long-Term Care.


Financial Moves Case Studies

case studies



Case Study 1 - Protecting yourself and your dependents

  • Helen was a single parent with a baby son called Jacob.  She wanted to ensure that they would both be financially protected if Helen was to become seriously ill or die. 
  • Financial Moves undertook a free face-to-face fact find meeting to obtain relevant personal information, details on existing protection policies, debts and to discover Helen's concerns in differing hypothetical scenarios. We also obtained her monthly budget for the solutions.
  • Independent Whole of Market research was undertaken by Financial Moves.
  • We recommended appropriate protection in the event of death, or the diagnosis of a critical illness, and for replacing Helen's income. Some plans were written in trust.
  • We also recommended that Helen set up a Will.
  • We also reconfigured the existing mortgage protection to reduce Helen's costs.  


Case Study 2 - A First-Time Buyer Mortgage

  • Lucy & Richard wanted to buy their first London home together for £820,000. 
  • Richard was an IT Consultant trading as a Limited Company for over 3 years.
  • Lucy was a school teacher. 
  • They had savings of £164,000 plus money for costs. 
  • Financial Moves undertook a free face-to-face fact find meeting to obtain all information to mortgage broke, including their monthly budget for the new mortgage. 
  • Independent Whole of Market research was undertaken by Financial Moves.
  • A written recommendation was presented to them and mortgage scheme agreed, Financial Moves applied for a Decision in Principle which was accepted by the lender.
  • Richard & Lucy's offer was accepted by the vendor.
  • Financial Moves converted the Decision In Principle into a full mortgage application.
  • The lender underwrote the application and a satisfactory mortgage offer was produced. 


Case Study 3 - Saving for a first home and getting the most from cash deposits

  • Carl had just started his first job and wanted to save a deposit to buy his first home.
  • Gladys was retired and felt that her cash in the bank was not growing enough.
  • Gladys & Carl were cautious investors with no NISA investment in that tax year.
  • Financial Moves undertook a free face-to-face fact find meeting for each of them. Carl confirmed his monthly budget and timeframe. Gladys gave information on her existing savings, her income and the State Benefits she was receiving.
  • Whole of Market research was undertaken by Financial Moves.
  • For Carl we recommended tax free savings.
  • For Gladys we recommended investing for locked in capital growth and tax free savings.


Case Study 4 - Setting up your own business and protecting it

  • Susan was the CEO of a publishing company with four directors and a total staff of 50.
  • There was no protection for the company or directors in the event of death or sickness.
  • There was no pension scheme for the staff under Auto-Enrolment rules.
  • Financial Moves undertook a free face-to-face fact find meeting to obtain details on the staff, directors and the company, and to discover Susan's concerns in differing scenarios. 
  • Independent Whole of Market research was undertaken by Financial Moves.
  • We recommended appropriate protection set up under a Cross-Option Agreement. 
  • Protection was also set up to replace their income.
  • A Group Personal Pension Scheme was created for all of the staff.


Case Study 5 - Retiring and maximising your income

  • David & Marilyn both had a collection of pension plans with different providers.
  • They wanted some cash now and a guaranteed lifetime income.
  • David had an historical heart condition.
  • Neither had a NISA for this tax year.
  • Financial Moves undertook a free face-to-face fact find meeting to obtain relevant personal information, details on the pension plans and the clients' requirements for long term income and  short term cash.
  • Independent Whole of Market research was also undertaken by Financial Moves.
  • Financial Moves recommended that each client took the maximum tax free cash lump sum from each pension and then obtained an annuity under an Open Market Option.
  •   David received an Enhanced Life level pension income with a guarantee.
  • Marilyn received a pension income that increased annually with inflation.
  • Some of the tax free cash lump sums were reinvested tax efficiently.


Case Study 6 - Getting cash from your home in retirement

  • Elona was retired and lived alone in her unencumbered main residence.
  • She had insufficient income to live off.  Maintenance work needed to be done to the flat.
  • Elona was able to make her own decisions and had no Power of Attorney.
  • She had children and had made a Will.
  • Financial Moves undertook a free face-to-face fact find meeting with Elona and her children to obtain relevant personal information and details on any State Benefits in receipt.
  • Independent Whole of Market research was undertaken by Financial Moves.
  • We recommended a Lifetime Mortgage which freed up a lump sum for reinvesting for locked in capital growth and an increasing income stream. There was also money to pay for building works.
  • Compound Interest and it's impact on the value of Elona's estate were discussed with all parties before applying for the mortgage.



  • Provide clients with a comprehensive, confidential & personalised advice service.
  • Return phone calls and emails as quickly as possible.
  • Produce written supporting documentation for clients' future reference.
  • Try to provide a seamless mortgage broking service.
  • Provide Independent Whole of Market Financial Advice at competitive rates.

How do we charge?

Our initial face to face meeting is FREE

We are paid for our Independent Financial Advice & Mortgage Advice  in several ways:

  1. Fee paid directly by the product provider for new protection policies.
  2. For Mortgage broking we charge the client a fee and & also earn a fee from the provider.  
  3. For Pension and Investment advice we charge the client a fee calculated on the amount being invested/reinvested ( subject to a minimum charge ). 
  4. Where no financial product sales are made, we charge a fee based on an hourly rate. 
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It is important that the personal data we hold about you is accurate and up to date. Please keep us informed if your personal data changes during your relationship with us.

This website includes a link to third-party website for our existing customers. Clicking on this link does not enable this connection to share data about you. 

We only collect personal data in order to provide initial and on-going financial advice to our clients.

We only share relevant client personal data in order to apply for financial products on behalf of our clients.

We do not sell any personal data to third parties

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We have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent your personal data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered or disclosed.

We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for. 

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